Why vote for IRASA in the municipal elections?

IRASA is a Ratepayers Association registered with the IEC. It is a non-Political Party, although registered

as a political party so it can stand in elections on both fronts (Ward and PR)


ü  IRASA serves the ratepayers and the community, and no one else

ü  We’re returning to the grass roots of every community

ü  It allows its councillors the independence to get on with the job of maintaining and improving their suburbs instead of spending much of their time trying to deal with party politics and party work

ü  IRASA, through its independent councillors, is committed to fight for the rights of the ratepayers and residents and to depoliticize local government

ü  Service delivery to the occupants of a local area is our main priority, as opposed to being restricted by what a party may want

ü  IRASA stands for the ratepayers/residents rights and does not get involved in political bickeringand posturing in Council

ü  Strong independent ratepayer representation can only strengthen our municipalities ensuring that we get what we pay for while going forward to build better communities

ü  IRASA will make sure you are represented in our local government by like-minded and responsible councillors

ü  IRASA candidates are ratepayers/ residents just like you, and will represent your interests

ü  We serve the ratepayers 100% and will not be side-tracked by party political work


A vote for IRASA is a vote for yourself

Remember: IRASA is a non-political party, it serves only community interests


“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”   Mark Twain

We do affiliate ratepayers and residents organizations.